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NORTHWESTERNMy favorite is Sig shutting off the water supply to the shower because Matt is being a jerk about going into the wheelhouse so Sig can sleep DON'T MESS WITH A NORWEGIAN CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!
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What are your favorite Deadliest Catch pranks of all-time? Tell us! We want to know! Give us ALL the dirty details and we'll try to dig up your favorites for exclusive video available only on the Deadliest Catch fansite.

Episode Title
The "Best Prank Moment" Description

so smple but so effective flour bomb!

4 The out house on the cage line
? 4 The truck on the cage line
? ? Halloween Costumes
? 4 The truck on the cage line - by far :-) Ha!
? 4 The Wizard crew putting the Port-A-Potty on the North American's line
? 4 Northwestern crew dressing up a dummy and throwing it overboard
Striking Out 4 The "present' Jonathan gave Phil ( truck on the line)

4 the ford truck that the Hillstrand boys put on capt. Phil's line and took his crab pot Ad two votes to that one

4 the porta potty on the North American <--- Yea that was good

2 Phils trick of sleeving the pot line through a pipe so they couldn't get it aboard.

4 I liked the one when Edgar threw the fake Nick off the wheel house, I laughed several minutes after that.
dummy 4 Sig knew right away it was a dummy because the leg were all bent in up alongside body
? 4 The outhouse on the age line was a classic!

3 the flour bomb
After the Catch Out takes 4 Jake Harris tying Josh's sleeping bag to the line while he was sleeping, So when they dropped the pot, it pulled him out of the bunk on the floor, and then the bag peeled off him like a banana skin. It was hysterical. Jake laughing so hard was the best part!
? 2 Phil having the crew putting the pole between the block and the cage on Sig's boat so they couldn't get the pot on deck and Phil going we're doing it Cornelia Marie Style
? 3 I loved the flour gag that Captain's of the Time Bandit played on the crew.

4 It's a cross between the outhouse and the pick-up truck.

2 One boat welded another boats pot shut- I think Sig did it to Phil- maybe vice versa
? 3 When Jake messed with Edgar, then Edgar retaliated by tie-strapping Jake's jacket so he had to cut the ties off one by one.
Not shown - outtakes
When the North Westerns pot was covered in a USSR flag after Sig's involvement with the highly illegal Global Seafoods company out of Russia.

4 When the Hillstrand boys brought a truck out to sea for Phil and tied it to his catch line. CLASSIC
? 3? When Sig and eger Put the rotting fish in Blakes wheelhouse as a welcoming gift=CLASSIC X 10
? 4th when Edger tried to trick Sig with the dummy.

Tying a guys leg to the sorting table so that when he walks away he fall flat on his face.
? 4 The truck on the line and the flour bags tied to the line

2 When one crew welded the other crews pot shut--that was great. Then again, the flour bomb was pretty good too.

3 when edgar had jake anderson get on the hook to go talk with sig about giving jake the jacket. then they gave jake the jacket.


when phil had the cornelia marie crew prank josh and jake

When Sig turns off the freshwater on Crewmember Matt Bradley.
Mortal Men 4 When Edgar tthruw the dummy of Nick Mavar off the wheelhouse.

I was dying laughing at the dummy Edgar dressed up and threw over the side of the Northwestern and the truck the Time Bandit boys left for Phil on the Cornelia Marie. One more, loved the fact that Capt. Sig turned the clock foreward and fooled his crew into thinking they got more sleep. "Sig giveth, and Sig taketh away." -northwesternwannabe

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MaidenTimeBandit My fave prank! 0 Sep 5 2011, 5:56 AM EDT by MaidenTimeBandit
Thread started: Sep 5 2011, 5:56 AM EDT  Watch
The one where The Hillstrand Banditos set off Chinese lanterns in the direction of the Northwestern and gave Captain Sig a "Close encounter" of his own!! Really, really funny guys! I love em'!!! Dxx :D
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rafterman60 northwestern 1 Oct 27 2010, 4:58 PM EDT by sfgymnast76
Thread started: May 4 2010, 8:39 PM EDT  Watch
Did they ever find (Jakes ) dad ?
and no i dont want to win a trip on the northwestern !
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SelkieAlys My Favorite Prank 0 Feb 12 2010, 9:46 AM EST by SelkieAlys
Thread started: Feb 12 2010, 9:46 AM EST  Watch
Was on the Behind the scenes episode showing the Discovery Flimmers. One..I believe it was Todd on the CM was hoisted up on the crane to film..and the crew broke out a flat of eggs and started throwing them with the intent to get his camera!! *grins* The unknown hazards of working on the Bering Sea!!
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