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JOHNATHAN CAN KICK BUTT.!!!!!!!!! Time Bandit Crew60225435
Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiCAPTAIN: John Hillstrand

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Nickname(s):Cowboy, Rough Rider, Cap-i-tan

: 46

Fishing vessel:
Time Bandit

Years aboard current vessel: 8

Previous vessel(s)

Years of captain experience:

Total years at sea: 27

Seattle, Wash., and Homer, Alaska

Strength(s): Able to work long hours under stressful and extreme conditions. Thinks things through and is always aware of what's going on. Can be playful most of the time but when situations get serious he is very focused on what is happening.

Weakness(es): Attachment to injured birds that land on his deck. Drinking too much and then deciding to try boarding a boat.Trying to show off while throwing the hookand getting hit on the nose.

Deadliest Catch Captain Profiles | John Hillstrand

John Hillstrand Bio: Capt. John Hillstrand (age 45) has a love for life on the edge that doesn't end when he gets off the boat. He rides a Harley Davidson that is rigged with a nitrous boost that will add 300hp of acceleration at the touch of a button. He’s a leather-jacket-cowboy boot guy, but his friends say he is really a teddy bear. He is not afraid to speak his mind and he runs a tight ship. John has 2 children, recently became a grandfather (twice) and spends his time between Seattle, Wash., and Homer, Alaska. He has a great sense of humor and is very generous. When John was asked if the guys talked much on the boat he said: “Not while we are fishing, but off the deck we are a bunch of hens.”
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Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiJOHN HILLSTRAND'S RESUME

Past Professions: 8 yrs of professional lobster fishing on the New England Coast.
Skills: Being able to be completely insane but appear to be perfectly normal.


  • Destination Harley "It's not a funny ha-ha, it's a psychotic ha-ha." (Season 3)

  • "Big big, big, big, big...."

  • "Just enough wind to keep the flies off our backs.

  • "You know what it means when guys like us get off to a bad start?? Not a damn thing, that's what it means. HAHAHAHA"

  • "It's getting nautical!" (Season 3)

  • Showing the GPS' ETA:
    "Never" (Season 3) (the boat was going so slow getting out of the ice, the computer couldn't recognize the speed or ETA).

  • "So you wanna be a crab fisherman do ya?!', well here it is. (while trying to escape the ice pack- Season 3)

  • "If you got a warrant out for your arrest, don't go crab fishing." (Season 3)

  • "Squawky's gone!" (Season 4)

    • Hoa Russ is down man did you see his eyes???!!! They were as big as his ******* Glasses.

    See also: Deadliest Catch Quotes
    • Man overboard rescue (Season 3)
    • Getting the Time Bandit through the ice (Season 3)
    • Sailing out on a Friday when most of the other boats stayed in the harbor due to the superstition of bad luck(Season 2)
    • Dancing the crab jig
    • Falling overboard while boarding the boat (Season 4)
    • Keeping an injured bird on the boat and nursing it back to health despite Andy's protest (Season 4)
    • Winning the Captain's bet in both King Crab seasons 3 & 4 .
    • Taking us along as the Time Bandit & crew paid a salute to Johnathon's Dad;
    • Andy & Neal's as well, it abeautiful site and an emotional moment. Was a
    • privledge to let us go along for the ride gentlemen.
    • cared a water logged bird that washed up on the Time Bandit during a storm, and named it Squawkie


    Favorite body of water:

    He rides a 2000 Harley Davidson Fatboy that is rigged with a nitrous boost that will add 300hp of acceleration at the touch of a button.

    Family: Four brothers, two of which are on the Time Bandit with John: Andy and Neal. The other two brothers are David and Michael. Michael graduated medical school a couple of years ago.


    Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiJOHN HILLSTRAND'S PHOTOS

    2007 Alaska Wild football game
    From left to right....Dan, Deryl(that's me), Capt. John, Dan, and Curt. We took this picture at a Alaska Wild football game and then sent it to my brother in Tampa. John and Andy had been in town promoting Alaskan King Crab. My brother had them autograph the picture for me.....GO AK WILD!! P.S. I named the team!
    Deadliest Catch Captain Profiles | The Hillstrand Brothers

    The Brothers Hillstrand: John, Andy, and Neal

    There are some HOT brothers right there
    but theres only 1 Capt. for the Wench
    Capt.Jonathan got me hook line and sinker
    John Hillstrand - Deadliest Catch Wiki


    John Hillstrand - Deadliest Catch Wiki

    The sexiest,most beautiful man alive right here

    John Hillstrand - Deadliest Catch Wiki
    Ladies This Is What A REAL Man Looks Like!

    These are REAL men and sexy!!! (NASCAR MAY 25 2008 NORTH CAROLINA)
    These are REAL men and sexy!!! (NASCAR MAY 25 2008 NORTH CAROLINA) 82nd AVN U.S Paratrooper fan

    These are truly smart men! They understood, right off the bat, that I was a true fan and I was overwhelmed with joy and emotion, to meet them. Everyone who know me, know that I love the discovery channel. my favorite show(because I want to crab fish like many others and I love fishing) is "DEADLIEST CATCH". My favorite team? The HILLSTRAND threesome. I am not a partier but i would rock with them any day!! Much continued success to you and to yours (Johnathan, Andy and Neal).
    PS - Johnathan was like a big awesome cowboy teddy bear. I know he makes a great Dad and Grandpapa.
    I will never forget that day, Thank you and please more flour in the garbage bag gags.
    (((ok, ok!!! i love UFC as well!!! WHO DOESN'T WANT TO KICK BUTT AND FISH???

    Capt John Hillstrand
    WOW Smart AND Sexy!

    Coca Cola 600

    Gina  &  Capt. John in june at Seatac destination harley 9/11/07 tacoma
    The second time
    Go Mariners!!


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    BarbWalker IREXX 0 Sep 11 2011, 5:28 AM EDT by BarbWalker
    Thread started: Sep 11 2011, 5:28 AM EDT  Watch
    if you want to meet Johnathan then make it happen.. i just love the juxtaposition of John the hardened serious salty grizzled Sea mariner and John softy teddy bear who rescues people and birds .. as for derrick the captain of Cornelia Marie ,Josh approached him after Phil';s death to help them but Derrick let power take him over and altho i understand he is responsible for Josh Jake and the crew he went over board with the boys
    jrexx My favorite show! 0 May 23 2011, 7:32 PM EDT by jrexx
    Thread started: May 23 2011, 7:32 PM EDT  Watch
    I would love to meet Johnathan, and see the boats up close and personal. Have not missed an episode and crazy about this show. I live in Berryville, Va, Like Mayberry RFD. 2 lights in the town. HA. Who would think a crazy nurse in the country would fall for this. I am a bad girl but good at it. This show rocks. How can you meet Johnathan??? or any of the captains. Maybe they can film on the Shenandoah river. I am so sad about Phil, and disappointed with the new captain. I do not like the way he treats the boys. He needs to be out. How many people agree with me? Why didn't Murray take over. Who found that captain. Poor Jake and Josh. I love you guys and keep up the show. Jrexx
    dolphinsplayatsea Discovery has a variety of shows 0 Apr 9 2011, 5:49 PM EDT by dolphinsplayatsea
    Thread started: Apr 9 2011, 5:49 PM EDT  Watch
    But this Deadliest Catch has to be my very favorite . I love the ships, I love fishing , I love crabs , the guys are awesome , considering how the camera's get in the face , during some of life's most difficult moments , which would hard for anyone let alone out at or on sea ! I love the fact that for the most part these are family owned and family works together and suffer together and take those hard times and or moments , and do the best they can . The scenery shots , the ocean , are spectacular !!!!
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