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Deadliest Catch
: Season 1 (April 2005, Opilio),
Season 2 (April 2006)
Season 3 (April 2007)

Type of crab: King crab,Opilio Crab

Years at sea: 26

About the Boat: The Maverick is a 92-foot house aft boat built by Gidding boat Works, that holds 120 pots and sleeps between 9 and 10 people.

The Maverick is owned by husband and wife Rick and Donna Quashnick, and skippered by the boat’s young captain, Blake Painter for king crab in season 3 of Deadliest Catch. The crew of the boat is significantly younger than that of most other boats, but they believe that their energy and stamina make up for their lack of experience. She was registered for the 08-08 seasons by ADF&G.

Partner vessels:Cornelia Marie, Aleutian Ballad,

The Boat
Deadliest Catch Fleet Profiles | Maverick

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Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH CREW

Maverick - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Season 3, 4) Captains: Blake Painter,Rick Quashnick,

Crew Members
Mike Johnson, Marvin Johnson, Scott Templin, Greenhorn Ed Green

Season 2) Captain: Rick Quashnick, Donna Quashnick, Blake Painter, Justin Gifford Hirim Johnson, Mike Johnson, Sean Peco

Season 1) Captain: Rick Quashnick, Donna Quashnick, Hirim Johnson, Blake Painter, Mike Johnson, Mat Curnow

Adjectives that describe this crew: Amazing, hard working, tough, rough

Maverick - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Name: Blake Painter
Captain - Seasons 3
Deckhand - Seasons 1 & 2
Years experience: 13
Mini bio: Blake, the boat’s co-skipper, has been working on the Maverick for the past 6 years. At age 27, Blake’s ambitious, no-nonsense attitude has aided him in rising to power in just a few short years.

Mike Johnson

Name: Mike Johnson
Deckhand - Season 1, 2, 3
Years experience:
Mini bio: Mike is a second-generation fisherman who was born and raised in Astoria, Oregon. Mike comes from a somewhat famous and affluent fishing and logging family; his uncles Evan and Frank are big-time wealthy fishermen.
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Name: Marvin Johnson
Engineer season 3
Years experience:
Mini bio: Marvin has known Captain Painter from the time they were little kids growing up in Astoria, Oregon. Marvin credits Blake for bringing him into the fishing industry from logging, where he had worked for 8 years.

Scott Templin

Name: Scott Templin
Deck Boss season 3
Years experience: 18
Mini bio: Captain Blake Painter calls Scott the Maverick’s “ace in the hole.” Entering his 18th year of crabbing, Scott is by far the most experienced fisherman on the deck and has a great attitude. He has worked with Blake in the past on some of the Maverick’s partner boats.
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Name: Ed Green
Greenhorn season 3
Years experience: 7
Mini bio: Although he has 7 years of fishing experience, Ed Green will finally get his first opportunity to go king crab fishing, thanks to his repeated pestering of Maverick owner Rick Quashnick to give him a job.


Name: TAZ
Position:Boat pet
Years experience:
Mini bio:Taz is the frisky little boat pet!

Capt Rick Q
Name: Rick Quashnick
Position: Owner, Captain
Years Experience:
Mini Bio: Rick Quashnick is the co-owner and co-captain of the F/V Maverick, which he has captained for almost 16 years. He is a second generation fisherman. During the summer months he runs a 32ft. gillnet boat called the Miss Donna in Bristol Bay.
Donna Q

Name: Donna Quashnick
Position: Owner, Boat Mom
Years Experience:
Mini Bio: Donna Quashnick is Rick's wife and co-owner of the Maverick. She grew up in a coast guard family and took intrest in fishing from her father.
Maverick - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Name: Hirim Johnson
Position: Dechand Season 1 & 2
Years Experience:
Mini Bio: Hiram Johnson is the oldest crew member on board of the Maverick and comes from a long line of Norwegian fisherman. He has 33 years of fishing experiance and is trying to beat Benny Bay's record of 63
Justin Gifford

Name: Justin Gifford
Position: Deckhand -Season 2
Years Experience:
Mini Bio:
Sean Pico

Name: Sean Pico
Position: Deckhand -Season 2
Years Experience:
Mini Bio
Mat Curnow

Name: Mat Curnow
Position: Deckhand -Season 1
Years Experience:
Mini Bio:
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Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiON TV
Captain and Crew Catchy Quotes

Memorable Moments on Board
  • "It's a crab boat. It's not a democracy. There's one guy in charge and now I'm that guy." -- Blake Painter

  • "Oh ... I just got crapped on — even the birds don't respect me." (After being denied the captain's chair and then having a bird poop on him.) -- Blake Painter

  • "I just hope I can get back to dock without turning this sucker into a giant popsicle." (On facing a gale storm and retreating to Saint Paul Island.) -- Rick

  • "I want two hours of spooning....I just want to spoon."- Blake Season I
  • Hiram reminiscing about friends lost at sea.

  • Donna Quashnick cooking in the galley for her "boys"

  • Losing Ricks favorite Pot

  • Rick fires pico (season 2)

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiRELATED LINKS

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS

Maverick - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Scott Templin, Maverick deckboss for season 3.
Aleutian Ballad deckboss for season 2.

Maverick - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Maverick - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Rick and Donna Q

Maverick - Deadliest Catch Wiki

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