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Deadliest Catch
: Seasons 1 (April 2005), 2 (April 2006) and 3 (April 2007),4 (April 2008)

Type of crab: King Crab and Opilio Crab

Years at sea: The Northwestern was built in 1977 so she's been at sea 31 years

About the Boat: The Northwestern is a Marco, House Forward (Western Rigged), 125’ boat that has appeared in “America’s Deadliest Season” and “Deadliest Catch”.

When the Northwestern was first built, she was 108', but was lengthened twice--once in 1987 and again in 1991.They carry a pot load of 200, with a capacity to hold 251,000 lbs of crab in its tanks. It is a Norwegian family owned and operated boat. Three of the crew--Sig, Norman, and Edgar are brothers.

The Northwestern is kept out at sea for most of the year fishing not only for crab, but pot-cod and tendering salmon as well. 2008 marks the fifth consecutive year she'll be featured on the Discovery channel.

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Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH CREW

Captain: Sig Hansen / jamie maltby

Crew Members
Season 4)
Norman Hansen, Edgar Hansen, Nick Mavar Jr., Matt Bradley, Jake Anderson

Season 3) Norman Hansen, Edgar Hansen, Nick Mavar Jr. Matt Bradley, Stan Hansen (King), Jake Anderson (Opie)

Season 2) Norman Hansen, Edgar Hansen, Nick Mavar Jr. Rick McLeod, Matt Bradley, Adam Evich

Season 1) Norman Hansen, Edgar Hansen, Nick Mavar Jr., Adam Evich, Brad Parker, Bradford Davis (King) Matt Bradley (Opie)

Deadliest Season) Norman Hansen, Edgar Hansen, Nick Mavar Jr. Rick McLeod, Brad Parker

Adjectives that describe this crew: Hardworking, driven, entertaining, focused, dedicated, family-oriented and superstitious as hell!! Capt. Sig reminds me so much of my dad, who was a sailor.

sig hansen

Name:Sig Hansen
Years experience:28
Mini bio: Sig is a Norwegian skipper. He obsesses over every decision, is known for his independence and revels in the strategy and competition of fishing. He is extremely superstitious.
edgar hansen
Name: Edgar Hansen
Years experience:19
Mini bio: Edgar is a conscientious deckboss who is quick with an opinion or explanation. Edgar is a work hard-play hard guy. He’s married with three children.
norman hansen
Name: Norman Hansen
Position: Engineer/Deckhand

Years experience:26
Mini bio: Norman is the quiet brother. He rarely speaks and tends to keep out of camera view although he's known to be very handy with a camera.

Nick Mavar
Name: Nick Mavar Jr.
Years experience:
Mini bio: Nick has been working as a deckhand on the Northwestern for several years. Nick has a wife and a small child back home.
Matt Bradley
Name: Matt Bradley
Years experience:
Mini bio: Matt Bradley has been fishing with Sig and the Hansen brother for the past 11 years. Having grown up with the Hansens in Shoreline, Wash., he considers himself a close friend to all of them, but especially Edgar. And,in the words of his skipper,gets a little pushy at night.
jake anderson
Name: Jake Anderson
Position: Deckhand
Years experience:1.5

Mini bio: When Jake was 17 he spent 10 years fishing for salmon and cod in Bristol Bay. His dream was to fish for crab aboard the Northwestern. With an introduction from Nick's brother the crew agreed to give him a shot. Since then he has become a deckhand and hopes to see full share in the future.
Stan Hansen

Name: Stan Hansen
Position: Deckhand -Season 3/King

Years experience:
Mini bio:


Name: Adam Evich
Position: Deckhand
Years experience:
Mini Bio:
Rick McLeod

Name: Rick Mcleod
Years experience:
Mini bio: A Seattle native who has fished on and off with the Hansen brothers for the past nine years. Other than NASCAR, Rick's true passion lies in his family; with two young girls and a third on the way, dreams of an early retirement and time spent at home are high on Rick's list of priorities.
Brad Parker

Name: Brad Parker
Position: Deckhand

Years experience:
Mini bio:


Name: Bradford Davis
Position: Greenhorn - season1
Years experience: 1 King Season
Mini Bio:
Bradford Davis is a fishing enthusiast, to say the least. He has been fishing since he was very young and worked on commercial fishing boats for the past 2 summers prior to season1. After the show Bradford returned home to Long Beach.
Northwestern - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Name: jamie maltby
Position: Captain
Years experience:
Mini Bio:
F/V Northwestern family

Sons of a Bering Sea Fisherman

Last pot: Opie 2005

Take a friend to work day

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiON TV
Captain and Crew Catchy Quotes

Memorable Moments on Board
  • "Some guys — it's worse. They take their personal lives up here with them and they sit here and dwell on things. You can't do your job when you're still at home in your mind." -- Sig (About Nick Mavar)
  • "I might end up spankin' myself for no reason." (On deciding whether or not to fish opilio and face the weather or stick with cod fishing.) -- Sig
  • "Robots are good. Robots don't think. Robots are used to repetition. Robots don't complain. Robots are little zombies." -- Sig
  • "Nothing left but the crying" --Sig
  • "Fishing cod is like making license plates in prision, stamp-stamp-stamp" --Sig
  • "Try to get a five minute nap and they set you on fire" --Nick
  • "I am going to be feeling yesterday today" -- Edgar
  • "Were like mushrooms down here, kept in the dark and fed lots of BS" --Matt
  • I haven't changed my underwear since we left Seattle, --Matt
  • Psycho Sig's on a rampage again --Edgar
  • My name's Edgar Hansen, welcome to my hell. -Edgar
  • its either a kick in the pants or a slap in the face -Sig
  • Sig hands over his own jacket to hard-working greenhorn Jake at the end of the season--Season 3

  • Greenhorn Bradford Davis gets duct-taped to the Northwestern deck while Sig and crew decide the fate of his wages--Season 1

  • Northwestern's homecoming to Seattle--any season

  • Deckload of crab--season 1
Jake and Matt get into a fight (season 4)

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiRELATED LINKS

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS

Men of the F/V Northwestern

season 3
Matt, Edgar, Sig, Norman, Nick, Jake, and Mike Rowe (season 3)

Northwestern - Deadliest Catch Wiki
Northwestern life ring buoy
image courtesy of Norman Hansen
F/V Northwestern at night
"Grace" painting
Painting, "Grace" hangs in Northwestern galley

Northwestern crew, season 1
Northwestern crew, season 1, (Discovery image)

Northwestern crew, previous season
Northwestern crew, previous season, (Discovery image)

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