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Original Air Date: May 17, 2005

Season: 1

Crab Count: 0

SYNOPSIS: With one boat sunk and its crew missing, several Good Samaritan boats postpone their season to comb the frigid waters of the Bering Sea for survivors. The tragic news travels fast, but captains too far away to help with the search and rescue decide to concentrate on the baiting and setting of pots.

As the remaining 170 boats in the fleet turn their attention to fishing, though, tragedy strikes again. A frantic call comes in over the radio from a boat whose deckhand has fallen overboard. The reality of another death strikes a nervous chord throughout the fleet and keeps everyone on edge as they continue to chase America's deadliest catch.

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The search for the men of the Big Valley and rescue of her lone survivor.
Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH FAN FEEDBACK
  • For the crews of the search boats the delayed season will cost them money but right now one of their brothers is in the water and that's all that matters. -- Mike Rowe

  • The entire search and rescue operation for the Big Valley.

  • The fleet learns of a man overboard on the F/V Sultan, and shock registers on the faces of his brothers at sea when they learn the fate of Manu Lagai.

  • This film was dedicated to the brave men who lost their lives during filming. They are as follows: From the F/V Big Valley - Captain Gary Edwards, Deckhand Aaron Marrs, Deckhand Carlos Rivero, Deckhand Danny Vermeesch, Deckhand Josias Hernandez Luna. From the F/V Sultan - Deckhand Manu Lagai
  • The Northwestern has to take off the tarp they put on earlier to prevent icing over.

  • The Northwestern is fishing close to Russian waters far to the Northwest. Captain Stone on the Retriever also heads Northwest only to be surprised to see that the Northwestern already has pots set.
  • Captain Sig gets deck envy when he sees the Retriever nearby because "the guys got a bigger boat" and can haul more pots.
  • Nine hours after the start of season the Retriever starts setting pots.

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiMAN VS. NATURE ON THE DEADLIEST CATCH

  • Deckhand Manu Lagai goes overboard on the F/V Sultan and is lost.

  • The search is ended for survivors from the Big Valley once the last two crewmen in survival suits are recovered but unfortunately they cannot be revived. Only one man, Cache Seel, survived the Big Valley disaster.

Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS

Tarp off
The NW crew takes the tarp off the pots
Blake & Hirim

Blake & Hirim are high on Crab
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