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Original Air Date: April 24, 2007

Season: 3

Crab Count:
Northwestern - 194,500 lbs.
Wizard - 160,000 lbs.
Cornelia Marie - 150,000 lbs.
Farwest Leader - 70,000 lbs.
Maverick - 43,500 lbs.
Time Bandit - 23,000 lbs.

SYNOPSIS: Halfway through the season the grind is on. On all the boats men are working 40 hours without sleep. Equipment failures, fatigue and bad weather are making fishing even more dangerous. Both the Maverick and Farwest Leader must stop for repairs. The Cornelia Marie is back in port to replace a propeller. On the Northwestern Sig will not slow down until the boat is full. The Time Bandit, en route to the northern fishing grounds, rescues a fisherman who has fallen overboard off a passing crab boat.

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John and Josh

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH FAN FEEDBACK
  • Robots are good. Robots don't think. Robots are used to repitition. Robots don't complain. Robots are little zombies. (referring to his very tired crew) - Captain Sig Hansen - Northwestern

  • It's a package deal, Phil. We need you and the boat. (referring to Phil's 185/120 blood pressure) - Deckhand / Engineer Mark Anderson - Cornelia Marie

  • We're going bodly where no man has gone before. - Captain Johnathan Hillstrand - Time Bandit

  • I slept for a half an hour. It took my guys a half an hour to wake me up so all in all I got an hour of sleep. - Captain Sig Hansen - Northwestern

  • You guys saved my life. Thank you for being there. You couldn't have done any better. (after being pulled from the water by the Time Bandit - Deckhand Josh White - Trailblazer

  • I wasn't gonna let go of him once I had a hold of him, man. (about rescuing Josh White) - Deckhand Andy Hillstrand - Time Bandit
  • Captain Johnathan hugging Josh White after rescuing him from the Bering Sea.

  • Russell Newberry, Andy Hillstrand and Johnathan Hillstrand talking about the rescue in the wheelhouse.

  • The Cornelia Marie pulls up Blake's prank pot and are not impressed with the job.

    • Watching Josh disappear off the side of his boat

    • Captain Phil Harris and sons have their discussion over the excessive use of his credit card in town.

    Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiMAN VS. NATURE ON THE DEADLIEST CATCH
    • Deckhand Ricky Lopez on the Farwest Leader breaks the crane line and they must repair it before they can fish again. On another pot the same deckhand forgets to hook the pot with the dogs and dumps a pot onto the sorting table.

    • The Cornelia Marie is stuck in Dutch Harbor with a broken propeller. The wrong prop. is sent to them so they must wait for the correct prop. to be sent to them. Captain Phil Harris must be checked out at the Health Clinic because with all the stress over the prop. his BP is at dangerous levels.

    • On the Maverick on of the dogs breaks and they have do not have another one that fits so Captain Blake Painter must fabricate a new one out of a ram that is too short.

    • The Time Bandit pulling Josh White out of the water---ALIVE!!

    • Maverick offloads at Akutan.

    • The footage of the Time Bandit crew chaining up their stack.

    • The Time Bandit rescue of Deckhand Josh White from the Bering Sea.

    Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS

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