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Original Air Date: May 29, 2007

Season: 3

Crab Count:

SYNOPSIS: Busted buoys, broken pots and a blown engine have put the Northwestern more than a week behind schedule. Captain Sig hopes Lady Luck will smile upon him as he drops all of his gear far north of the rest of the fleet. Northwestern greenhorn Jake just wants to be one of the guys, but when he pranks deck boss Edgar, he might have gone too far.

A monster storm blows through the Time Bandit and Cornelia Marie's grounds. Both boats fish through the onslaught, and it pays off for the Cornelia Marie with decent numbers. The Time Bandit isn't so fortunate; a miserable 80-mile string comes up weak, and a line wrapped around their prop has them running on only one engine.

A double change of guard takes place on the Wizard: Captain Keith Colburn and greenhorn Nick both head south. Taking Keith's place as skipper is brother Monty, and taking Nick's place is first-time fisherman Guy. Guy is psyched to be on the Wizard, but after a day of fishing he's not quite sure he made the right decision. On the Farwest Leader, engineer Chilly blows his stack over a mistake made by deckhand John Mavar. John ignores Chilly's verbal onslaught and attempts to redeem himself when he's given a chance at throwing the hook.

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Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH FAN FEEDBACK
  • This is big time weather and anything can happen. - Captain Phil Harris - Cornelia Marie

  • So, I used to ride professional rodeo for 15 years. I thought I'd take one of these jobs. You know they say it's a tough job, well, we'll go see how tough it is. - Over-Confident Greenhorn - Guy - Wizard

  • You need to cowboy up and rodeo wrap that baby. - Captain Andy Hillstrand - Time Bandit

  • All you gotta do is just put your pride aside and let Edgar teach you the rest. Done. (to Greenhorn Jake Anderson) - Captain Sig Hansen - Northwestern

  • With fishing like that, I mean, we can just keep turning gear over and just rip it and turn and burn. A guy could haul metal on this stuff nonstop. - Captain Sig Hansen - Northwestern
  • On the Northwestern Greenhorn Jake Anderson bites the head off a Herring for luck.

  • Greenhorn Jake Anderson tries to pull a prank on Edgar, the King of Pranks, and is re-payed with many, many zip ties all over his rain gear that must be removed before he can had out on deck.

  • There is a lot of tension on the Farwest Leader between Deckboss Chris "Chilly" Anderson and Deckhand John Mavar. Chilly gets on John about anything and everything throughout the episode and is not all that interested in talking it out calmly with John.

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiMAN VS. NATURE ON THE DEADLIEST CATCH
  • While the Wizard is in port for repairs 2 key people must leave the boat. Captain Keith Colburn has to fly home to deal with a family emergency so his brother Monty takes over and Greenhorn Nick Maurer slips on the ice and is injured so he must go home and he is replaced by Greenhorn Guy.

  • Just as the Time Bandit hits the crab they run over a buoy line that gets wrapped around propeller shaft of the starboard main seizing up the engine and stalling it out. They have to go back to town to repair the engine.

  • On the Wizard Greenhorn Guy is not working out and he's slowing down the entire operation.

  • The Cornelia Marie encounter some massive waves that are coming over her side as the crew sets the last of their pots. At one point a 20 foot wall of water comes onto the deck and swamps a cameraman and a crewman.

  • The Time Bandit has to once again stop fishing due to extreme weather and jog into a storm.

Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS

sig on deck
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