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Updates on Jake and Josh Harris and the Crew. - Deadliest Catch Wiki
It's hard for us all to continue to watch the story of Phil Harris unfold on “DeadliestDeadliest Catch”.Catch. We all have know for some time now thattime, Phil diedpassed onaway, Febuary 9th due to complications following a massive stroke, butstroke. nowBy thatnow, most of it has been aired on "DeadliestDeadliest Catch"Catch. manyMany haven't figured out how we should feel about it yet.
The most recent episode that was aired on July 6th6th, left probablyviewers sentin shock and disbelife through everysaddened singleby onesuch ofa us.loss. For me I found it both funny and very sad.depressing. What I found funny and will always be a wonderful memory of Phil is when you see Phil in the hospital dis-obeying the nurses orders and getting his son Jake to give in and give his old man just one small ice chip. Although Josh is against dis-obeying the nurses order Phil take it into his own hands and takes the spoon of ice from Jake and drinks it.Jake. ThatsThat's just Phil for you. If he wants somthing,something, regarlessregardless of what people tell him, he's gonna find some way to get it.

The sad part of that night was towards the very end. When I saw Jake and Josh fighting, it tore my heart to peices. Josh had always been the one to take more care of his father than Jake. And now that Jake had the addiction problem, Josh felt as if he had to take in into his own hands and take care of Jake as well as his father. But it was just to much for him so he snapped and we all saw it at the end of the episode. I hope that in this next episode airing on July 13th shows them trying to make up for their fight. I know for me that this next episode is going to be the most emotional one yet.

Josh Harris going on the Jay Leno show!
On July 12th Josh will be on the Jay Leno show airing at 11:30 on NBC. I also heard from Josh Harris's website that he will be on The Jay Leno show on July 14th. I'm not sure if he is only going on it once or twice, but check the Jay Leno show both nights.

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 12 – Tuesday, June 29 at 9PM ET/PT
The rest of the fleet begins to hear the unsettling news of their friend and fellow skipper. Captains Sig Hansen, Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand and Keith Colburn all react with stunned disbelief while still keeping an eye on the turbulent waters, as the Bering Sea stops for no one.

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 13 – Tuesday, July 6 at 9PM ET/PT
Josh and Jake Harris continue to watch over their dad at the Anchorage hospital. They are joined by Johnathan Hillstrand as well as Phil’s inner circle of biker buddy friends. Ever the stubborn fighter, Phil rallies in the ICU.

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 14 – Tuesday, July 13 at 9PM ET/PT
Despite small signs of encouragement, Captain Phil loses his battle. He passes away surrounded by family and friends.

AFTER THE CATCH: Episode 5 – Tuesday, July 13 at 10PM ET/PT
The fleet wraps up its time at the French Quarter’s Blue Nile bar in the season finale of AFTER THE CATCH. Captain Phil Harris is remembered in true ‘Nawlins style as fans pour onto Frenchmen Street for a traditional, raucous Jazz Parade. The celebration brings together all the captains to pay tribute to their friend and colleague.

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 15 – Tuesday, July 20 at 9PM ET/PT
The news of Phil’s death reaches the rest of the fleet. Captains Keith, Johnathan, Andy and Sig all struggle to come to terms with their friend and colleague’s passing.

A special one-hour look back at the life of Captain Phil Harris, skipper of F/V Cornelia Marie. The special includes interviews with fellow captains and deckhands, memorable “Phil moments” from the past six seasons of DEADLIEST CATCH, never-before-seen footage from behind the scenes and fan remembrances recorded at CatchCon 2010 and Phil’s public memorial service in Seattle.

DEADLIEST CATCH: Episode 16 – Tuesday, July 27 at 9PM ET/PT
On the finale of the sixth season of DEADLIEST CATCH, the fleet is still absorbing the news about Phil. But the stormy waters of the Bering Sea never take a break, and the Captains and the crew must soldier on in the race to make their quotas, as the Opilio season comes to an end.

Phil Harris

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