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Original Air Date: June 14, 2005

Season: 1

Crab Count:
Northwestern - 213,500lbs.
$385,000 / $27,000 per deckhand
Maverick - 201,000 lbs.
$362,000 / $21,700 per deckhand
Retriever - 152,000 lbs.
$274,000 / $16,400 per deckhand
Lady Alaska - 149,275 lbs.
$269,000 / $13, 500 per deckhand
Billikin - 119,250 lbs.
$215,000 / $10,700 per deckhand

SYNOPSIS: With the deaths of the Big Valley crew, this opilio crab season has been a rough one. On every boat, crew members are reaching their limit, but are spurred on by the pressure to catch a year's wages in the next 24 hours.

As the last hours of the season tick down, a new race begins: the race back to port. Since off-loading is done on a first-come-first-serve basis, captains must decide when and where to unload their catch, competing for the best spot in line at the processor. Crab can't last forever in a boat, so a few days waiting could mean tens of thousands of dollars.

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Last hook - on fire
Edgar Hansen lights to last hook on fire
Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH FAN FEEDBACK
  • It's the end of an era. For the Alaskan Crab Fishermen this was the last chance to chase the rainbow and hope for the pot of gold. -- Mike Rowe

  • I'm so happy now I'd even give my enemies a present. -- Deckhand Hiram Johnson - Maverick

  • Deckload of Opilio crab on the Northwestern.
  • Edgar Hansen of the Northwestern sets his coat and the hook on fire for the last hook of the season.
  • Lady Alaska's Captain Pete Liske believed that God had made their crab multiply while they waited on anchor to offload as the catch was $36,000 above what he had estimated. The captain then said, " God doesn't give you what you want but he gives you what you need."
  • Sig Hansen closes the final episode and gives an emotional farewell to the close of era--Derby style fishing.
  • Jeff Weeks checks the tanks bare footed.
  • On the Northwestern Matt's crab tally is off by 20,000 pounds
    • The Closing of the show

    Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiMAN VS. NATURE ON THE DEADLIEST CATCH
    • The Maverick has to sit at anchor for 7 days before they can offload their catch. There is a lot of dead loss at first but it clears up and is not as catastrophic as they had first imagined.
    • On the Retriever the ship goes dark a second time. There is a clog in the engine that caused the outage this time. They are back up and running after 2 hours of repairs.


    • The story of the F/V Saint Patrick, November 29, 1981. The St. Patrick was towed to Woman's bay were she then sank.

    Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS

    Barefoot Jeff

    Capt. Jeff checks the tanks barefooted

    Wally Thomas, St. Patrick survivor

    dollar sign

    Bering Sea Dollar Sign

    NW Deckload

    Northwestern Deckload
    Hirim Johnson
    Hirim Johnson - F/V Maverick
    Fez" Lamar
    "Fez" - F/V Retriever
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