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Original Air Date: April 26, 2005

Season: 1

Crab Count:
Northwestern - 6500
Saga - 5000
Fierce Allegiance - 3600
Sea Star - 3475
Western Viking - 2855
Lucky Lady - 1350

SYNOPSIS: It's hour 42 of the Alaskan king crab season and every captain feels the pressure, especially since the Alaska Department of Fish and Game just announced an early closure to the season. Each boat has 24 hours to pull out the pots they have in the water -- and every one of the final pots count. The fishermen either find crab today, or give up their chance at a profitable season; the results can affect these men and their families for the entire year.

All the boats in the fleet face challenges: One captain, nervous about the spot he's chosen to fish, decides to take a gamble on a new location, while another grapples with an injured crew member. And worst of all, some boats still have no crab to show despite the continuous efforts made by their captains and crew.

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Edgar Hansen
Edgar Hansen reacts to learning the season will close at midnight.
Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH FAN FEEDBACK
  • "We're gonna rock the crab tonight. I can feel it". --- Bradford Davis, Greenhorn - F/V Northwestern

  • "Start Ripping 'em" --Sig to crew after closure called

  • The closure of the season is announced for midnight the next night so the crews only have 24 hours left.

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiMAN VS. NATURE ON THE DEADLIEST CATCH
  • On the Lucky Lady deckhand Kevin Davis steps into a hole on deck and injures his ankle. He must now run the hydraulics and does so with mixed results.

  • On the Western Viking they brake a hydraulic hose on the sorting table and all fishing stops until it is repaired.

  • On the Western Viking they discover that they have left a crucial piece to their sorting table back in Dutch and they must fashion a new anchor point for the hydraulic ram before they can continue to fish.

  • Willie Ovalles of the Western Viking hops on the pot launcher to pick up another crab

Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS

Willie (WV) goes on the edge to grab one more crab

Ken O

Ken Ostebo (WV) calls for Rally Caps (get R done before closure)

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