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Original Air Date: June 7, 2005

Season: 1

Crab Count:
Northwestern - 195,000 lbs.
Maverick - 157,000 lbs.
Retriever - 110,800 lbs.
Billikin - 100,000 lbs.
Lady Alaska - 96,000 lbs.

SYNOPSIS: Eighty-four hours into the opilio season, the hunt for crab intensifies as rumors of a possible closure prompt the men to push even harder. Some boats are so successful their captains begin wondering where to put excess crab, while others, finally hitting the "honey hole," try to make up for their slow start.

But throughout the fleet crews begin to fatigue as the pending season closure drives them forward. This is the last time they will fish in a derby-style competition, and everyone wants to make their final run a memorable one.

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NW on the crab -Opies
F/V Northwestern on the crab
Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH FAN FEEDBACK
  • It looks like the last time that we'll have an open access fishery and that's a terribly sad thing. It's totally wrong. It's evil. It's immoral. It's corrupt. -- Captain Pete Liske - Lady Alaska
  • Another one bites the dust. The last one bites the dust. -- Captain Jeff Weeks - Billikin
  • "One in the block, one on the bow, one on the stern, and a table full of crab. See that makes a skipper smile. Crew not happy when skipper does that. --Captain Sig Hansen- Northwestern

  • "Yahoo Buckaroo, this is what it is all about" --Hirim Johnson - Maverick

  • "Sig loves fishing, he loves sleeping on his feet, but thats his problem." Edgar Hansen - Northwestern
  • Captain Pete Liske of the Lady Alaska was very moving when he spoke of the end of Derby fishing. He was so emotional when he was waking his crew up for the last work day.

  • Season closure announced. They have 36 hours left in the last Derby Opilio Season.
  • Donna takes wheel watch

  • Edgar and Sig talk about the end of Derby Style fishing

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiMAN VS. NATURE ON THE DEADLIEST CATCH

  • The Northwestern is stuffing their boat with Opies.

  • The story of the sinking of the 80 foot F/V Master Carl and the survival story of two of her crew as well as one of the Coast Guard that rescued them. April 26, 1976

Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS

Jeff Weeks

Billikin Captain Jeff Weeks


F/V Saga, balancing the wave

Kenny Hendricks

Kenny Hendricks - F/V Sea Star

Capt. Pete Liske

Capt. Pete Liske talks about the end of derby style:
"It's evil. It's immoral. It's corrupt."
John Magoteaux
John Magoteaux - F/V Master Carl Survivor
Donny Channel
Donny Channel - FV Master Carl Survivor
Capt. Jim Stone
Capt. Jim Stone -
"shoulda coulda woulda, whats a hundred thousand dollars"
Sig & Norman
"Need a bigger boat"
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