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Original Air Date: April 18, 2006

Season: 2

Crab Count:

SYNOPSIS: After a profitable offload on Akutan Island, Capt. Sig Hansen and the Northwestern crew are back on the crab. Pots are coming up full, but the crab are covered in barnacles, which means they're worth much less. This isn't the case for the boys on the Maverick, who have been pulling up massive pots and are turning the bow toward St. Paul Island for their first offload. Engineer Blake Painter is in high spirits, as Capt. Rick Quashnick has promised to step down in St. Paul and let Blake take the helm.

Like the Maverick, the Rollo crew is finally on the crab. After days of hauling nothing but illegal females, they're now pulling up gold. Spirits are high and the crew takes time to release tension by goofing off -- not such a safe idea on the Bering Sea. The mood shifts to serious as the Coast Guard pulls up and performs a random top-to-bottom boat inspection. After they give the Rollo a thumbs up, the crew gets back to fishing. Not far away, the Northwestern crew is finally pulling up nice crab, but fishing comes to a grinding halt when their pot launcher breaks down.

Running at full power, Capt. Phil Harris and the Cornelia Marie crew are fishing hard in gnarly seas. In the thick of battle, Phil receives a call from a friend, Capt. Corky Tilly of the Aleutian Ballad. He informs Phil that the Ballad's greenhorn couldn't hack it on the Bering Sea and threatened to jump overboard -- for his own safety! Corky is forced to take Lysander back to Dutch Harbor, where the suicidal greenhorn admits he's learned the hard way that not everyone can make it on the Bering Sea.

Back in St. Paul, Rick on the Maverick has decided to stay on board as captain and not step down. Blake's hopes and dreams have been crushed, but he must put this defeat behind him and help his fellow crewmen as they head out to fish in the midst of a serious storm. Meanwhile, the Aleutian Ballad has returned to their fishing ground amidst swirling currents, trying to make up for lost time. Out of nowhere, a massive rogue wave strikes the Aleutian Ballad and puts the 100-foot boat on its side. Capt. Corky and the crew scramble through the dark in a frantic attempt to save the boat -- and their lives.

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Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH FAN FEEDBACK
  • The Greenhorn quit and said he was gonna jump overboard. He said, "Captain, I'm gonna jump overboard. Can you tell the Cost Guard where I'm at?" And by God he's putting on a survival suit. - Captain Jerry "Corky" Tilly - Aleutian Ballad

  • "This is a bad crab, under six inches," crab pinches his finger, "Ahhhh, that is a bad crab!" to the crab "BAD CRAB!!!" -Edgar Hansen -Northwestern

  • Engineer / Deckhand Blake Painter does not take over as Captain of the Maverick.

  • The Rollo is boarded by the Coast Guard for an at sea inspection which they pass. Deckhands Corey Arnold and Matthew Sullivan give them a sendoff dressed in costumes and they dance on deck for them.

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiMAN VS. NATURE ON THE DEADLIEST CATCH

  • When the Greenhorn on the Aleutian Ballad threatens to jump overboard.

  • The Aleutian Ballad is hit by a rouge wave.

  • Deckhand Matthew Sullivan of the Rollo swings over the side of the boat on the picking hook but hits the side of the boat very hard and nearly jolts himself off and into the sea.

Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS

Matthen Sullivan
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