S5: Episode 1 Everything on the LineThis is a featured page

DEADLIEST CATCH Everything on the Line
Original Air Date: April 14, 2009

Season: 5

Crab Count:
The Wizard: 300
TheTime Bandit: 0
The Cornelia Marie: 0
The Northwestern: 0
SYNOPSIS:The 2008 King crab fleet faces huge stakes - before boats even cast off. Skippers Keith and Phil could be sidelined by life threatening illnesses and all the boats are in debt from summer repairs. A skipper is pressured to take a potentially fatal risk.

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S5: Episode 1 - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Another season has started

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH FAN FEEDBACK
  • Sig Hansen:My father wasn't all peaches and creme, but its build character. I could give a rat's ass if you don't like my character.
  • Sig Hansen: Reality has just set in, we just dump $800K into this thing[the Northwestern] now we gotta make that money back, so don't you give me anymore stress!
    (Edgar gives a "whatever look")
    Edgar Hansen: I wouldn't do that.
  • (After losing the zip tie picking contest and biting the head off the Herring)
    Sig Hansen:(laughing)If that is any indication of how my luck is going to be, we're in trouble.
  • Muarray Gamrath: I wasn't prepared for this. (after Capt Phil was told by Dr's he could go fishing for King Crab)
  • Phil Harris: Sorry Little Man, I can't go. (Phil talking to Son Jake, after getting the news he can't go this season)
  • Johantan putting a box of firework on the open fire in the burn barrel.

  • Sig biting the head off the Herring after losing the contest with the crew.

  • The boat hitting Keith on the head.
  • Phil being told that He can't go fishing cause he is still at risk for more blood clots.

  • Capt. Keith Colburn, Sig Hansen, Phil Harris, and Johnatan Hillstrand place a 1,000 bet each to see who can haul the most King crab in six selected pots.

  • Jake and Josh fighting over where the bait bags were.

  • The Time Bandit crew officially welcoming Mike Fourtner back to the boat.
Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiMAN VS. NATURE ON THE DEADLIEST CATCH
  • Phil being forced to sit at the dock while his boat went out to fish.

  • Keith getting hit in the head by the Wizard while looking at the zinc pieces.

  • Both Sig and Keith dumping huge amount of money into their boats so that they still could run them.

  • Keith finding out that he was cancer free.
  • The Cornelia Marie still being able to catch their quota without Capt Phil.

  • Keith inspecting the underside of his boat underwater and getting hit the head by the boat as she rolled in the waves.

Captain Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS
S5: Episode 1 - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Edgar listening to Sig tell him not to stress him out this season.
(like that's really going to happen?)

S5: Episode 1 - Deadliest Catch Wiki

While working on repairs, Captain Andy shows a breaker that just completely melted.
S5: Episode 1 - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Captain Keith talks about his health as he waits for the doctor to call.

S5: Episode 1 - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Jake & Josh lost all of the bait sacks. Oops?
S5: Episode 1 - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Captain Phil hugs his sons goodbye at the dock.
S5: Episode 1 - Deadliest Catch Wiki

Captain Keith's Bering Sea dive.
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