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johnathan and andy , i've been watching the new series and i haven't seen you guys on there . what happened to you ? you guys made it fun but a learning experience for my son and he watches the show but he said it not the same if the crew of the time bandit is not in it.. so come back on thank you april


Deadliest Catch season(s):

Favorite Birds: Squawky and Dutch Harbor land bird

Season 2 (April 2006), 3 (April 2007), and 4 (April 2008)

Type of crab: King and Opilio and Salmon tendering(during the Summer)

Years at Sea: 17
About the Boat: The Time Bandit is a 113’ House Aft boat that was designed by the Hillstrands’ dad. The five boys helped custom build the boat’s interior and they included some comforts unheard of in a crab boat: four-man sauna, state rooms with queen size beds, and a dishwasher. The Hillstrand brothers own the boat.

The second Time Bandit of the Hillstrands (the first one was renamed as American Way, now a research vessel named Kittiwake), was built in 1991.

The vessel carries 137 pots. It has the capacity to hold 175,000 lbs. of Opillio Crab, 120,000 lbs. of King Crab and 350,000 lbs. of Salmon.

Partner vessels: F/V Jennifer A

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Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH CREW
time bandit crew

Co-Captains: Johnathan Hillstrand (King crab season) Andy Hillstrand (Opilio season)

Crew Members:
Season 4) Neal Hillstrand, Russ Newberry, Eddie Uwekoolani, Shea Long and Scott Hillstrand

Season 3) Neal Hillstrand, Russell Newberry, Shea Long, Nate Vandecoevering, Richard Gregoire

Season 2) Neal Hillstrand, Mike Fourtner, Tom Miller, Nick Dushkin

Adjectives that describe this crew: Funny, brave, easy-going, hard working, sincere, dedicated, pranksters!

Johnathan Hillstrand

Name:Johnathan Hillstrand
Position: Co-Captain/Deckhand
Years experience:
Mini bio: Johnathan’s love for life on the edge doesn’t end when he gets off the boat. He rides a Harley Davidson that is rigged for a nitrous boost that will add 300hp at the touch of a button. He’s a leather-jacket-cowboy boot guy, but his friends say he is really a teddy bear. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and he runs a tight ship.

Andy Hillstrand

Name: Andy Hillstrand
Position: Co-Captain/Deckboss
Years experience:
Mini bio: Andy trades captain duties with Johnathan between seasons. During Opilio season Andy is the captain. He is very talkative and considers himself the most levelheaded of the family. He runs the business side of things but always includes his brothers on the final decisions. At his ranch in Indiana, Andy engages in his other passion: horse training. He trains Quarter horses through the natural horsemanship or “horse whisperer” technique.
Neal Hillstrand

Name: Neal Hillstrand
Position: Deckhand/Engineer/Cook (also co-captain)
Years experience:
Mini bio: Neal is the youngest of the five brothers and is in charge of prepping the boat before each season. Known as the “quiet brother,” he cooks, cleans and runs the boat at night while the crew sleeps. Neal started fishing salmon and herring with his father when he was 12. In the off-season, he runs a hydro-seeding company in Homer, Alaska.

Russell Newberry

Name: Russ Newberry
Years experience:20
Mini bio: A native of Homer, AK, he has known the Hillstrands most of his life. The son of a coastguard officer, Russ states that folks from his hometown either gravitate towards fishing or oilfield work, and he chose fishing. Russ is prepared for any situation with a snappy one-liner and prides himself on bringing laughter and morale to any boat on which he works.

Scott Hillstrand

Name: Scott Hillstrand
Position: Deckhand
Years experience:
Mini bio: Scott is the son of Captain John Hillstrand.

Shea Long

Name:Shea Long
Position: Deckhand

Years experience:
Mini bio: Shea is a native Alaskan from Kodiak, AK, who enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and kayaking. Shea handled the Time Bandit this past summer ('07) for salmon tendering and has returned for King and Opilio season. Shea has a great sense of humor and really enjoys life to the fullest.

Eddie Uwekoolani

Name: Eddie Uwekoolani
Position: Deckhand -Season 4
Years experience:19
Mini bio: Eddie is a native of Hawaii, who has fished on the Time Bandit in years past, and has 19 years of experience as a deckhand.

Nate V

Name: Nate Vandecoevering
Position: Deckhand -Season 3
Years Experience:
Mini Bio:

Richard Gregoire

Name: Richard Gregoire
Position: Deckhand-Season 3
Years experience:
Mini bio:
Richard is single, he worked aboard the F/V Bering Hunter during Season 4.

Mike Fourtner

Name: Mike Fourtner
Position: Deckhand - Season 2
Years Experience:
Mini Bio: Mike has been fishing with the Time Bandit since he was 18 years old. He was raised in a fishing family in Homer, Alaska, and started fishing when he was 9 years old with his uncle.
Tom Miller
Name: Tom Miller
Position: Deckhand - Season 2
Years experience:
Mini Bio:
Nick Dushkin

Name: Nick Dushkin
Position: Deckhand - Season 2
Years experience:
Mini Bio:

Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiON TV
Captain and Crew Catchy Quotes

Memorable Moments on Board
  • "We're f*&@#!g in trouble! ... we might be getting in our survival suits later on!" -- John
    • "We'd rather be lucky than good any day..." -- John
    • "Just enough wind to keep the flies off our backs." (On weather warnings) -- John
    • "Ain't very pretty out there is it? Not fit for man or beast." -- John
    • "Big waves ... really big waves ... We could see some of the deadliest waves we've seen
      for a long time." -- Andy
    • "Let the rodeo begin, my friends...." --Andy
    • "Cowboy up and rodeo wrap that baby." --Andy
    • "It's not a funny ha-ha, it's a psychotic ha-ha." --John
    • "Somebody call my Mama I'm in trouble here." - Johnathan
    • "Like being in jail with a chance of drowning" - Andy
    • "That's some kind of parallel parking."--Neal
    • "A Captain is just a deck hand with no brains."-Russell
    • Man overboard (Season 3)
    • Stuck in Ice (Season 3)
    • "Flour" prank (Season 3)
    • "Moonwalk & Crab jig" (Season 3)

    • Ol' Squash-- the truck prank for the Cornelia Marie (Season 4)

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    Boat Profile Page - Deadliest Catch WikiDEADLIEST CATCH PHOTOS

    Seaon 3 crew

    Season 3 Crew
    Season 4 crew
    Season 4 Crew

    Time Bandit - Deadliest Catch Wiki
    F/V Time Bandit
    Time Bandit - Deadliest Catch Wiki
    Season 3 - King Crab Season
    Capt. Johnathan catches up on his reading
    Capt. Johnathan catches up on some reading - looks like a good book!

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    thebestcatch sarasota 1 Jun 28 2011, 12:10 AM EDT by LiL.C13
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    johnathan and andy, mostly johnathan are two of my all time favorites! i watch every episode. people think im crazy, a 50 year old woman being a number one fan! my friend chris and i talk about every episode at work. the expressions on the guys faces are priceless! i live in sarasota, fl. and the brothers will be here for the boat races, i am beyond excited!! chris and i will be at the meet and greet and hope to get to meet you two crazy mother$%$#! just kidding about the crazy part-- ok, no im not! im one too! this is on my bucket list, so please don't let me down! im not 7 feet tall , i have my teeth, and i love life-- hoping to meet you two! i will be the cute one staring at you like a stalker, but im not so much, just find you two very up-beat and awesome!!! with hopes and excitement--theresa!!! oh, you can surprise me and chris if you like, we work at tnt, a family owned shell station, lots of love and respect to you all!
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    EverettJohnson Invatation to SYC Opening Day of Boating Season Parade MAY 1, 2010 0 Mar 29 2010, 7:15 PM EDT by EverettJohnson
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    Dear Capt. Hillstrand

    Let me inter duce myself. My name is Everett Johnson I grew up in Ballard at 8038 31st NW. I graduated from Ballard in 1962 and went worked in the Ballard Ship yards for about 10 years as a shipwright at Rowe's, Pacific Fish, Marco, and Seattle Ship, later I went into Aviation and have flown the rest of my career as a Airline Pilot and also owned Nyman Pile Driving Corp. from 1979 through 1997. I am now retired and fly every summer in Alaska for a Fishing Lodge in King Salmon.

    The reason I am writing you is I am a member of Seattle yacht Club and the Chairman of Commercial Decorated Boats for OPENING DAY on May 1, 2010.

    I would like to invite you and your Crew to participate in our Opening Day Parade. I know the people of Seattle and the North West Boating families would enjoy seeing you and your family and Crews family participate.

    If you would give me a call at my home I would enjoy filling you in on the days activities. Opening Day of Boating season is a really fun week and We would all enjoy you joining us.

    I assume that the Time Bandit is still in the cannel on May 1, and hasn't headed north as of yet?

    Please call me at your conveniences.

    Best Regards,

    Everett Johnson
    Chairman of Decorated Commercial Vessels
    Seattle Yacht Club

    (425) 644-2100
    Cell (206) 718-2727

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    patriciamiller hey ya'll 1 Feb 12 2010, 3:58 PM EST by dreamcather
    Thread started: Feb 12 2010, 7:50 AM EST  Watch
    so glad to have many (like myself) that feels DC Captains & crew are part of our extended family.Hi Captain John! Patricia Miller Davie, Florida
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